The "Ride Outside Grill" that goes everywhere you go!

Everyone enjoys a great Aussie BBQ, bringing people together -out camping, watching the footy,fishing and just enjoying the great outdoors.

Freedom Grill FG-50


 Well the great Aussie BBQ just
got better!

First, take away the hassle of transporting the BBQ.

Second, design something that actually accessorises our ride.

Third, think through every detail of what makes on-the-go barbequeing great - and then settle for nothing less.

Put it all together, and
Freedom Grill FG-50 is what we got!

Freedom Grill FG-50 Patio Grill

Freedom Grill FG-50 at the beach


Freedom Grill FG-50 - The Ride Outside Grill That Goes Everywhere You Go!





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Freedom Grill FG-50