Freedom Grill Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I forget to unhook the propane tank?

2. Why can’t I swing out my grill?

3. What can I clean the Freedom Grill with?

4. What do I do if the electronic igniter doesn’t work?

5. When I light the grill it doesn’t flame immediately. 
 Sometimes it makes a ‘whoosh’ sound.”

6. What if my regulator makes noise?

7. What should my grill flames look like?

8. What do I do if my grill only heats to 200-300 degrees?

9. How long should I preheat the grill?

10. What if the burner flames are not bright blue?


What if I forget to unhook the propane tank?                                 ^top

The arm assembly will not close all of the way with the tank attached so it must be removed before the Freedom Grill can be locked for transport.


Why can’t I swing out my grill?                                                    ^top

Check to make sure that the transport linch pin has been removed. Also make sure that the hinge pin at the end of the arm has been removed and the T-Handle rotation lock is loosened.


What can I clean the Freedom Grill with?                                     ^top          

Stainless steel cleaner works well on the hood and base of the grill head. It is not recommended for the aluminum sides of the hood however. Grill cleaner can be used on the aluminum and the grates and the arm assembly may be cleaned with most car wash detergents.


What do I do if the electronic igniter doesn’t work?                       ^top

Check to see if there is spark that jumps to the burner from the electrode wire.
If no spark is seen, gently bend the electrode wire closer to the burner until a spark can be seen to jump from the igniter to the burner when you press the starter button.

Check the battery located inside the button. Press and turn counter clockwise.

Check to ensure electrode wires are connected to the igniter.

Ensure the electrode is 1/8”-3/16” above the top of the burner and directed over
a hole.

Ensure the electrode wire and burner are clean.


“When I light the grill it doesn’t flame immediately. Sometimes it makes a ‘whoosh’ sound.”                                                                                       

Gas has not filled the burner. Follow this procedure:
 1. Ensure all gas controls are closed.
 2. Open the propane tank valve all the way.
 3. Turn the left burner control knob to ignite.
 4. Count five seconds, then press the igniter.
 5. To light additional burners turn knob to ignite, count five, press the igniter.

The ‘whoosh’ is delayed ignition. To eliminate this occurring, follow the procedure above. Do not turn the control knobs to ignite at the same time.


What if my regulator makes noise?                                                    ^top

Vent hole on the regulator may be plugged, or regulator may be faulty.
Ensure the vent hole on the regulator is not obstructed. Clear the hole; close the LP tank and gas control valves. Wait ten minutes and re-start.
When turning the LP tank valve on, do not cover vent hole on the regulator.
Check your flames for proper performance (see below) if the flames are not correct replace regulator.


What should my grill flames look like?                                               ^top

Flames on the high setting should be ¾”-1” high, bright blue with yellow flickers at the tip. To observe the flames, remove the cooking grates and the burner cover. For an accurate visual, provide deep shade for the basin, or do this at night.


What do I do if my grill only heats to 200-300 degrees?                          ^top

Ensure the temperature gauge is functioning properly. Hold a flame to the probe or compare the grill gauge to an oven thermometer place in the grill.
Ensure correct start procedure. Prior to lighting grill, the gas control knobs should be off. The propane bottle should be off. If not, wait 15 minutes. Turn tank all the way on. Turn left burner to ignite, wait 5 seconds; ignite. Repeat for additional burner
Check all gas connections for leaks with bubble test. If leaks are found, replace the part or tighten the fitting.


How long should I preheat the grill?                                                     ^top

Normal preheat, 400-500 degrees, takes about 10-15 min.
Cold weather and wind may effect your preheat time.
The Freedom Grill is not meant for use with volcanic rock or briquettes. If used they can increase the preheat time and maximum temperature.


What if the burner flames are not bright blue?                                       ^top

Too much or not enough air mixes for the flame.
Elevation is the principal cause, however cold weather can affect the mixture. Burner adjustment may be required. Refer to manual for adjustment procedures (pg 18)
Grill is in a windy location.




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