Freedom Grill FG-50 Testimonials

Obviously we love the Freedom Grill or we wouldn’t be here.  Rather than reading what we have to say about our products take a look at what our customers have said...




I just wanted to send a quick note about your grill. It is by far the best piece of anything I've ever purchased. I honestly couldn't be more pleased with its engineering, construction and performance. I use the Freedom Grill as much as I can - it's great for team building events and boys weekends.

Allen W.


Love my grill! This is the coolest thing since sliced bread and the quality of construction is fantastic. You guys should build custom grill inserts too. If you ever decide to go that route, let me know I have a need for one.

John C.


We have a motor home and we take our BBQ with us everywhere. EVERYONE loves it and asks us about it all of the time. We tell them how much we love it and refer them to your web site.

Thanks again,

Pamela and Donald H.


I just received my Freedom Grill and I am absolutely amazed at the quality of the product.

Jay A.

Erina, NSW


It’s simply the best grill I’ve ever owned. Just the right size.

John B.

Bendigo, VIC


We just got our grill and used it for the first time – worked beautifully we cooked 13 steaks and the came out wonderfully!

Jim W.

Tatura, VIC


I am extremely excited as I have been waiting for this grill for over a year now!
Thanks a lot - you will make my cricket more enjoyable!!!!
Monica S.

Albury, NSW


I am an owner of a freedom grill and I would love to be able to sell this grill. I love mine and I know when I cook with it when we are travelling. I'll do this year I'm sure I will get questions about where or how to get one. What do I need to do to become an authorised dealer so I can distribute pamphlets or other information when we are on the road? I think this a great product.

Brad B.

Port Pirie, SA

I just wanted to let you know that we used our AWESOME grill this weekend !!!!!! My husband said this is probably the best purchase he has ever made , next to his newest 4x4 ......and believe me ....that is big, because he loves that thing!! I think if he could have it sleep next to him , he would!...Anyway, we took it to the AIR SHOW this weekend, at AVALON AIRPORT, and you would not believe how many people came up to us and asked us where we got it from...(and of course I did a little mini commercial for you). We even had people rolling down their windows when we were driving asking us about was really cool...and as far as how great it worked..... not only was it convenient, it works better than the huge one we have at home , we had an awesome day yesterday... we made hot dogs, hamburgers,......and NO MESS!!!! No sticking it in the back seat getting grease all over, Easy to load , easy to use, and easy to was great!!!! We had a wonderful day yesterday, and most of it was because of your grill!!!!!! Thanks again so much!!!............Jen

Jennifer S.

Geelong, VIC


We have really enjoyed using the Freedom Grill for tailgating at NRL football games, it has traveled on our motor home trailer hitch during our travels.  Makes grilling easy when all you have to do is attach the gas tank and light the grill!

Michael L


The product is great!  I spend more time showing it to curious tailgater's than I do cooking on it.  Thanks for the great product.

Brian P.

Wagga Wagga, NSW


You’ve got one happy customer!  this thing is really neat - the whole gang in Sheppaton is all excited - in fact now my brother is all excited because he can use it to cook dinner at my parents house - they are in their 80s and don’t like to drive at dark so don’t visit as much in the winter. FG to the rescue!

Matt G.

SHepparton, VIC





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Freedom Grill FG-50